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CPM® ( Certified Property Manager) is an member of IREM ( The institute of Real Estate Management).

IREM is an international community of real estate managers across all property types dedicated to the ethical practices and maximizing the value of investment real estate.  An affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, IREM has been a trusted source for knowledge, advocacy and networking for real estate management community for nearly 80 years.

IREM is the only professional real estate management association serving both the commercial and multi-family real estate sectors and has 80 U.S. Chapters, 14 international chapters, and several other partnerships around the globe.  Worldwide membership includes more than 18,000 individual members and over 540 corporate members.

Collectively, CPM® members in the United States manage nearly $2 trillion in real estate assets, including 11.4 million residential units and 10.4 billion net square feet of commercial space.

Professional Property Management in Brevard County and Central Florida

Why choose a CPM® for manage your property?

Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation is the most recognized credential for professional real estate managers of larger portfolios, including those who manage multi-family, office, retail and industrial properties.  For managers who want to be recognized as the ultimate asset performance experts.  This designation is know and trusted throughout the industry, and earned through education and experience.

Functions of a Commercial Real Estate Manager:

Marketing and Leasing:

  • Design, implement or approve tenant retention, orientation and property familiarization programs.

  • Communicate with tenants of the property concerning level of service and other management matters and investigate and resolve tenant complaints.

  • Develop and execute a marketing plan for the property.

  • Administer the leasing and lease renewal process, negotiate, approve and or execute leases.

  • Prepare market and show leasable space.

  • Analyze market conditions and recommend or approve the property rental rates.

Maintenance Operations and Risk Management Review.

A good maintenance program minimizes opportunities for unexpected expenses and ensures the safety of the tenants, visitors and staff while attracting new tenants and retaining existing tenants by:

  • Decide which items or services for the property are to be purchased, solicit negotiate or approve contracts for services and approve payment of invoices.

  • Routinely perform property inspections in accordance with established policies and procedures.

  • Establish, monitor and enforce operating polices and procedures.

  • Monitor and maintain the property record-keeping system.

  • Oversee operation of building systems, monitor contractors as well as monitor planning and construction of tenant improvements.

  • Schedule monitor, approve preventive and routine maintenance programs for the property.

  • Implement and monitor energy use programs for the property.

  • Review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage for both the owners, tenants and visitors to the property.

  • Develop and/or implement a risk management program for the property.

  • Ensure compliance with government and environmental regulations.

  • Recommend and/or initiate legal actions for violations of leases, contracts or governing documents, including but not limited to evictions and filing liens.

Finance Review

  • Process and monitor property payables.

  • Process and monitor property collections, receipts and bank deposits.

  • Prepare, implement and monitor annual property budgets.

  • Determine goals and objectives of the owners.

  • Identify and recommend alternate sources of income for the property

We can tailor a specific program to meet the needs of each of our client's goals and objectives.

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